Key Personnel


Company Owners

The owners are directly involved in the day to day operations of James Construction.  They are available at all times to address issues and solve problems.

Project Superintendents

Every James Construction project is staffed with a full time, experienced  superintendent 

Equipment Management

James Construction owns a fleet of over 50 pieces of heavy construction equipment, plus trucks and small equipment.  To keep this fleet running safely and efficiently, the company has a staff of mechanics and service people.

Key Employees

Project Management, Purchasing               Jim (JD) Potash       (1986 - Present)

Estimating, Contracts, Finances                  Tom Potash               (1983 - Present)

Equipment and Fleet Management            Dave Potash              (1978 - Present)

General Superintendent, Estimating         Jim Frank                   (1990 - Present)

Project Superintendent                                  Glenn Key                   (1976 - Present)

Project Superintendent, Chief Surveyor  Jeff Potash                 (1986 - Present)

Project Superintendent                                  Doug Schwenker      (1986 - Present)

Project Superintendent                                 Gary Hayes                   (1995 - Present)

Labor Foreman                                                  Anthony Rambone   (2010 - Present)

Equipment Manager                                       Chris O'Brien               (1991 - Present)

Office Manager                                                 Maurene Donohue     (1997 - Present)